Friday, October 12, 2007

Moving on

We have left Cunning.

It was a combination of frustration, lack of appreciation, change of leadership and most importantly, we don't believe we will be going anywhere if we had stayed on.

It was good while it lasted. There were some great days and equal amount of bad days. Then it came to a point where we felt that we probably have got the best out of Cunning and vice versa.

To which we thank them.

We are now on a placement sort of thing at Dye Holloway and Murray. Nice little place, great mentors and even better clients.

We are also working furiously on Here's What You Could Have Won and did a photoshoot a few weeks back for the website. Here's a selection of a few of the pictures we took down at street studios with the help of an amazing photographer Alec Mcgue (my flatmate) He did everything for free and was a real star. Thanks Al x

The whole set was build out of card over a week in my lounge. After leaving cunning it felt great to finally have a bit of time to get some stuff done and feel a bit like Pat Sharp.

Last of all my good friend Rory, who for some reason decided on this little pose. Oh he is big isnt he!