Thursday, August 31, 2006

Take loads of holidays

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Here are some new work we did recently.

Go to our Flickr page for the whole campaign.

I will be updating more work over the next few days.

Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We would like to thank

Big shout out to everyone (and their moms!!) for clicking in and voting for us in the Luerzer's Archive Student Of the Year 2006.

Really, really appreciate it guys.

We didn't win it though. The winner garnered over 7000 votes! We have to put our hands up. We haven't got that many friends. :|

Martin must be wondering why we didn't do this earlier. I don't know. I suppose it didn't occur to us that we should be bragging our arse off. Besides I don't know if it meant anything really but here it goes anyway...

At Cream 2006 a few weeks ago, Tony Davidson of W+K picked us out and awarded us the Cream Creative Excellence. We suspect it's a case of, in social psychology terms, the 'recency effect'. Not that we are complaining... :)

It is now sitting proudly at a very visible part of my house.

Thanks again to Gemma, Lottie and the rest of KT for Cream 2006.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Football Big Issue

A trip up to Liverpool yesterday made me realise one thing.

Outside every football ground on matchdays, illegal hawkers will be selling all sorts of things. From scarves, to T-shirts (with irreverant or ironic humor), pennants (come on Jermaine), home-made/DIY magazines (from b&w to glossy), air horns, wrist bands....

The whole area just transforms into a football market.

And football fans will buy them. Anything you sell, someone will buy them. It is pretty amazing and i'm not just talking about tourists or day trippers who find some of the items pretty alluring as they go to games once in a while, perhaps once in their lifetime. I've also seen locals succumbing to those funny (and definitely 'limited edition') items.

Why don't the Big Issue do a Football Big Issue? Not only they can be sold everywhere, the homeless can go to football ground on matchdays to sell them. With an average of 2 games a week for a club I'm quite certain fans will buy them.

And there can be different front covers to entice the fans.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Snakey B

Snakes on the Plane is potentially the worst film title ever. Just renaming it to Reptiliair or a logo (like Prince) is already erm... much better!

On the bus earlier I saw a poster for "You, Me and Dupree" with the sub heading "2's a company, Dupree's a crowd".

I pray everyday that I don't have to write lines like those.

I want to set up a company where before an agency runs a campaign, we will run checks for you and see if the line/visual/thoughts has been used before. In that way the agency can't say "Oh we didn't know that" or get embarrassed when the work goes out (or even worse, embarrassing the client). But of course it's up to the agency to run those ads if we showed them those were done (to death).

Even for movies we will do the research for you and see if cheesy titles (or lines) work.

Maybe D&AD, Cannes, One Show should do that. Or even Kendall Tarrant.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I know some of you were wondering what the hell the previous post was about... it did look as though I just came back from some hippy funfair/festival. Heh.

It was the annual Cream exhibition. We were selected to exhibit some work and given a space to do so. Instead of putting up work on the wall (which will be contradictory to the very existence of this blog ;} ), we decided to do something, erm, a bit different.

The Staufenberger boys summed it up for us here (cheers guys). Also thanks again to Haruka for taking time out to be the mystery tattoo-er.

I'm getting more and more absent minded. I forgot to bring my camera that day and have to rely on others for pictures. I will post more when i get hold of them.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tattoos are like a bad dream

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It is.

I woke up this morning with these 'tattoos' on my arms.

And I felt somewhat embarrassed. It will make interesting conversation with people but I'd rather avoid those staringly looks on the bus.

Don't get me wrong. It was great fun yesterday having our 'team' of artistes doing mystery tattoos on people and ourselves. The insane amount of drinks probably helped and got us carried away a bit.

So I have to put on a jumper this morning.

I noticed Ollie came in with a long sleeve shirt ;)

And it has made me think twice about having tattoos. I certainly will never get one on visible parts of my body.

Sounds really obvious and it probably has already been done but for the sake of it, tattoo parlours should do non permanent tattoos for people like me who was all set and gung-ho about getting one but looking at them now I wish....

The tattoo parlours will still charge for it. Pay 100 quid to get a non permanent one. If you like it, top up the rest.

Just stay sober.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I saw this idea online and thought how great it was. The premise is that New York bars cremorate the power black out in 2003 by turning off their lights and having a night of drinking by candle light.
What struck me was how much of a great idea this would be in terms of promoting using less power. Why dont Powergen or British gas get involved and organise a night of supping ale by candle light.
Check out the link below.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


What if Banksy made a mistake?

What will he do?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pantone T Shirt

Pantone T Shirt
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I saw a pretty cool thing a few years ago at the Design Museum. Some designer actually designed mugs of different brown pantone colours, so that you can match the 'strongness' of your tea in accordance to the pantone.

But I thought it was one of those things that has great potential to be great but were let down by he uselessness of it; looks great, great idea... for 3 seconds.

Anyways here something, somewhat inspired but those mugs.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The most fucked phone box in London

In reference's to one of Martin's great idea here, Bouha chanced upon this phone booth when we were helping Sean move the other day.

(just look at the receiver)

It's not in Lewisham or Dagenham. It's in freaking Algate East.

NB photo courtesy of Bouha, in case he sues me for it.

PS Phone booths should be converted to karaoke boxes. No need for massive cosmetic changes. Just convert the phones into those snazzy internet ready ones with a screen and all. Pick up the reciever, dial a number and sing along!