Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Best Female Artist 1993

Jess our in house designer wins a SMASH HITS AWARD.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Doing our bit

A while ago we where given a brief for IFAW to come up with some ideas to warn of the dangers of ivory trade ahead of a major international conservation meeting.

We sent over a few thoughts one of them being a funeral procession with a giant elephant coffin.
They liked it but we didd'nt hear back for a while. Then last friday we got an email saying that the coffin had been built and on Sunday morning it was off to be toured round London. What a nice surprise, doing our bit and getting an idea out the door!

Unfortunatly we both couldnt make it but please let us now if you saw it / heared it / read about it. ; )

Check out the article on their site here

Fun in the cunning window

Our wonderful graphic designer Jess fresh out of the jar from Marmalade has help create a beautiful focal point for the front windows of Cunning HQ.

Each person in the company was given a box to put in what ever they fancyed, sienna miller could'nt fit in mine (i know , I know)

The results are below, Jansons camera was on the blink so some of the shots are a bit dodge.

Theres a better view now from across the road.

Janson checking out the finished boxes

My box testing the power of the mind.

Jansons lovely animal eye chart which we should make into a poster.

Whats that naughty boy listerning to?

Some dirty strippers thats what!

Mix tape from James " CUDDLES" Cuddy.

Pissed up animal farm. By Jess a farmers daughter

Matt PP's staring contest.

Rob who has just joined us from Dubai with a winning £100,000 lottery ticket.

David Dao presents love is?

Matt J 3D killer insect.


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Here's OUR lunchtime revolution

Ad coincidences happen all the time. Sometimes they are deliberate because that particular style or execution is in vogue. While rarely it is down to pure coincidence.

What do you do when someone made a campaign that has a rather uncanny resemblance to yours; from the style, the line and right down the sentiments.

We were alerted to this by a kind friend in February. He asked if we did a placement there. We wished. (Well, we could have. But that's another story.)

Then we saw the ads start popping up all over the place last month in the papers. Just last weekend, Theo asked if I saw the ads on the Internet. Apparently they were all over hotmail as well.

I was desperately scouring the Internet for examples of that work for the last hour or so. Then strangely enough a look on their blog and the latest post is about that campaign.

And there's an icing on the cake. They have won some award from Metro London for having an "innovative creative that successfully communicates with our urbanite audience".

I am not saying that they are blatantly copying us. We haven't got any proof. How do you proof that anyway? Theirs ran. Ours didn't. But if those ads were done by a particular team then we have no doubt it is a rip off.

Maybe it's great minds that think alike and I would like to think so. It's a strange, mixed feelings of flattery and disappointment if it is not.

And here's the worst and most frustrating bit: showing people our book and hearing them say, "Seen this before."

It's no longer in our book now anyway. We took it out quite a while ago. They were not good enough. :P

(PS If you did see any of those ads, take a picture or screen shot and send it to us. We will post it up. Don't worry we will credit you guys. heh.)

Monday, May 14, 2007


Friendly Fires 'On Board' from O W L S on Vimeo

I had a great laugh a few weeks ago helping make a music video for the band the Friendly fires.
It was great fun a proved what you can do in a day with a bunch of mates and some energy.
I'm the geek in the dolphin outfit!!