Sunday, May 20, 2007

Here's OUR lunchtime revolution

Ad coincidences happen all the time. Sometimes they are deliberate because that particular style or execution is in vogue. While rarely it is down to pure coincidence.

What do you do when someone made a campaign that has a rather uncanny resemblance to yours; from the style, the line and right down the sentiments.

We were alerted to this by a kind friend in February. He asked if we did a placement there. We wished. (Well, we could have. But that's another story.)

Then we saw the ads start popping up all over the place last month in the papers. Just last weekend, Theo asked if I saw the ads on the Internet. Apparently they were all over hotmail as well.

I was desperately scouring the Internet for examples of that work for the last hour or so. Then strangely enough a look on their blog and the latest post is about that campaign.

And there's an icing on the cake. They have won some award from Metro London for having an "innovative creative that successfully communicates with our urbanite audience".

I am not saying that they are blatantly copying us. We haven't got any proof. How do you proof that anyway? Theirs ran. Ours didn't. But if those ads were done by a particular team then we have no doubt it is a rip off.

Maybe it's great minds that think alike and I would like to think so. It's a strange, mixed feelings of flattery and disappointment if it is not.

And here's the worst and most frustrating bit: showing people our book and hearing them say, "Seen this before."

It's no longer in our book now anyway. We took it out quite a while ago. They were not good enough. :P

(PS If you did see any of those ads, take a picture or screen shot and send it to us. We will post it up. Don't worry we will credit you guys. heh.)


Waldemar said...

ah, and i was wondering you you didn't reply on my comment. it's a tough situation, and i wouldn't know what to do... how is cunning going guys?

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the heads up. You are that 'kind friend' I was talking about... heh... I didn't comment as I haven't seen it. But now..

Oh well, like I said, theirs ran and ours didn't. It's as simple as that.

As for Cunning, there are a few exciting bits coming up and I'm sure Ollie will be doing all the posting so ch-ch-check it out.

nicholas said...

Yep, they've clearly copied you guys. It's not an obvious outcome. Bastards ;)