Tuesday, July 15, 2008

F**K me, social media

Pretty neat but cutting presentation/guide to social media. Probably tells us what we've already know but there's this bit that gave me a dose of reality check.

It says that by 2010, Millenials/Gen Y-ers will outnumber Babyboomers. And they spent an average of 16 hours online with 96% of them on a social network program.

It really had me thinking because I genuinely feel that there seems to be an inborn resistance to embrace online advertising. I do not know if it’s the hereditary nature of the industry but one day, very soon, most of us are going to next head of some agencies, or at least someone that will be making key decisions to talk to these late Gen Y-ers and early Gen-Zers (I'm presuming most who read adsareboring are our age, sorry folks). And when THAT time comes, it will probably be all webspeak.

Sure, there will still be print and tv but as far as engaging goes, they will increasingly become irrelevant when compared to the internet.

So very soon, it won't be 'is it talked about down at the pub' but more like 'is it talked about on facebook?'.