Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The best thing about mud is...

I'm sure many will attest to this. Glastonbury is quite truly an experience. Probably one of the best things I have done. Everyone is just so happy. There's so much feel-goodness about it that I felt like a hippy, in clean socks and spotless t-shirts (I change everyday and tread carefully).

It's one of those things where one minute I wondered what the fuck was I doing there and the next, I thought to myself, "This is an experience of a lifetime". Like on a roller coaster.

The only real poster I saw. A spoof movie-like poster that warns people against taking drugs with those classic quotes like "You will never forget the single 'The Cell" and etc.

Yup. Mud.

I love big colourful tents. It just reminds me of my childhood.

And nice flags.

Other than seeing how dire the ground was, there was a little stage at the far end in this picture where people turned up and play random tunes. I heard country and western when I walked by. Yes. People did stop and watch.

Spot the pepperami at the far left.

Best bit about mud is once it's in it's semi dried up stage you can almost peel it off revealing a clean pair of wellies!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PFSK Conference

My camera phone has been playing up of late so this is the only image I could get from the PSFK conference last month. It was put up by Hugh MacLeod one of the highlights of the day.

He talked with such passion about how he had created a campaign for a South African vinyard Stormhoek by using the geek blogging community to generate a buzz. This snowballed with it becoming the cult drink at Microsoft to th epoint where they even got their own lablels!!

A great presentation and a truely interesting guy, it really showed the power of 2.0.

I've just finished reading "A GUIDE TO BEING CREATIVE" which is a collection of his musings and lessons which he a learnt over the years. I don't think i have read a better piece about being young creative yet. Drink it in here

Check out his wonderful site and drawings here


Falling type from the 56 on the way home from the airport.

Nice type from a shop in Spain.

More from Barcelona

I do love people who just get out there and do stuff. These posters where plastered all around sonar i don't what they mean but you can just about make out an email. I'll try and decifer it and get in touch.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sonar 07

While Janson was out watching Daft Punk last weekend I was on a jolly in Barcelona at Sonar. If you have'nt heard of it it's a electronic music festival which runs over 3 days and 2 nights in the heart of the city. Theres a bit of beard scratching by day but it gets very messy at night.

There where thousands of people their but it seemed that no brand had managed to genuinely intergrate itself within the festival.
T-mobile had some Bumper cars which didd'nt strike me a logical idea when your trying to sell European roaming. Plus they had these beautiful signs up saying that you could'nt bump, brill !!

Budweiser did have some nice ident films which they used as visuals around the venue. But they missed a trick here i think, as they should have had a booth where you could go and film your own clip, upload it and become part of the visuals for the festival.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cunning Rebrand

As part of the Cunning's rebrand, we were told to each produce a logo that will become a collective of Cunning's logos. It is a pretty neat idea and here's our Cunning logos.

Feel free to submit one if you will. Visit us and our new website to submit one of yours.

PS Special thanks to James Cuddles Cuddy, our designer, for making all this work; from start to finish!