Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fun in the cunning window

Our wonderful graphic designer Jess fresh out of the jar from Marmalade has help create a beautiful focal point for the front windows of Cunning HQ.

Each person in the company was given a box to put in what ever they fancyed, sienna miller could'nt fit in mine (i know , I know)

The results are below, Jansons camera was on the blink so some of the shots are a bit dodge.

Theres a better view now from across the road.

Janson checking out the finished boxes

My box testing the power of the mind.

Jansons lovely animal eye chart which we should make into a poster.

Whats that naughty boy listerning to?

Some dirty strippers thats what!

Mix tape from James " CUDDLES" Cuddy.

Pissed up animal farm. By Jess a farmers daughter

Matt PP's staring contest.

Rob who has just joined us from Dubai with a winning £100,000 lottery ticket.

David Dao presents love is?

Matt J 3D killer insect.

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