Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We would like to thank

Big shout out to everyone (and their moms!!) for clicking in and voting for us in the Luerzer's Archive Student Of the Year 2006.

Really, really appreciate it guys.

We didn't win it though. The winner garnered over 7000 votes! We have to put our hands up. We haven't got that many friends. :|

Martin must be wondering why we didn't do this earlier. I don't know. I suppose it didn't occur to us that we should be bragging our arse off. Besides I don't know if it meant anything really but here it goes anyway...

At Cream 2006 a few weeks ago, Tony Davidson of W+K picked us out and awarded us the Cream Creative Excellence. We suspect it's a case of, in social psychology terms, the 'recency effect'. Not that we are complaining... :)

It is now sitting proudly at a very visible part of my house.

Thanks again to Gemma, Lottie and the rest of KT for Cream 2006.

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