Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Football Big Issue

A trip up to Liverpool yesterday made me realise one thing.

Outside every football ground on matchdays, illegal hawkers will be selling all sorts of things. From scarves, to T-shirts (with irreverant or ironic humor), pennants (come on Jermaine), home-made/DIY magazines (from b&w to glossy), air horns, wrist bands....

The whole area just transforms into a football market.

And football fans will buy them. Anything you sell, someone will buy them. It is pretty amazing and i'm not just talking about tourists or day trippers who find some of the items pretty alluring as they go to games once in a while, perhaps once in their lifetime. I've also seen locals succumbing to those funny (and definitely 'limited edition') items.

Why don't the Big Issue do a Football Big Issue? Not only they can be sold everywhere, the homeless can go to football ground on matchdays to sell them. With an average of 2 games a week for a club I'm quite certain fans will buy them.

And there can be different front covers to entice the fans.


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Anonymous said...

fuckin brilliant idea mate. football fans love football news.