Thursday, August 24, 2006

Snakey B

Snakes on the Plane is potentially the worst film title ever. Just renaming it to Reptiliair or a logo (like Prince) is already erm... much better!

On the bus earlier I saw a poster for "You, Me and Dupree" with the sub heading "2's a company, Dupree's a crowd".

I pray everyday that I don't have to write lines like those.

I want to set up a company where before an agency runs a campaign, we will run checks for you and see if the line/visual/thoughts has been used before. In that way the agency can't say "Oh we didn't know that" or get embarrassed when the work goes out (or even worse, embarrassing the client). But of course it's up to the agency to run those ads if we showed them those were done (to death).

Even for movies we will do the research for you and see if cheesy titles (or lines) work.

Maybe D&AD, Cannes, One Show should do that. Or even Kendall Tarrant.

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