Saturday, October 21, 2006

Supporting a Nocturnal Nation

Here's an Idea for Iceland; the frozen supermarket, not the freezing country.

(Although we did do a camapaign about the country some time ago and I've always thought it was quite sweet. Will post it up.)

A documentary styled program following a guy who takes on different night jobs.

From a minicab driver to a bouncer, an undertaker or even a tesco packer.

Showing the trials and tribulations, the funnies and the weirds of working when most of us are dead in sleep.

And when he returns home in the wee hours, he finds solace.

ITV's 'The Mint' is on, friends around, a cup of hot chocolate and some frozen food (from iceland) in the oven.

It will not be heavily branded. Just a product placement idea.

And I found out recently that product placements are banned in the UK.

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