Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just say no.

Since we moved to Cunning we have been using our friendly local convenience store TESCOs on a daily basis. What struck me was the amount of paper being collected due to people getting receipts for buying an apple.
Its funny, anytime i've ever wanted wanted a receipt i have had to ask for one yet Tecso gives them away with everything. People take it and then throw it straight in the bin. So i'm jumping on the green band wagon by urging you to say NO.
I've started doing it with Carrier bags when i have ample room in my man bag and now i'm turning my attention to receipts.
I'm gonna head down today see if there is any method in their madness or is its that they can't shut the bloody machine off.

See you after lunch


Anonymous said...

In Tokyo, they have little 'bins' as such, attached to the tills, where you can put your receipt; whilst i was never sure if this was for recycling purposes, i kind of hoped it was...
did you mean to spell Pseudo wrong? It's my surname too...

Ollie said...

Hey thanks for the info on the bins, the japanese are always ahead it seems. I gave tesco a call so i'll post what they told me. As far a Pseudo goes we used at the start when we set up the blog as a name that both me and Janson my ad partner can use.
Its short for pseudonym. (which i think i spelt right)

Anonymous said...

I'm Ruby Pseudo - (also short for pseudonym, since it is - well, my pseudonym)... will send you my blog address... for some reason, it looked like you're spelt it psuedo on your site instead, but then i just went and checked, and um,you hadn't. god i'm confused. your site is nice. well done.