Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Good night and thanks for watching"

Waiting for the next band to play at a concert is simply dreadful. You either go get more beer, talk about the previous band, talk about the band that's coming up or eavesdrop others talk about the previous band and the band that's coming up.

I do not know why there are such a lack of activities in between the changeover of bands at a concert. Here you have the perfect opportunity to entertain the restless crowd and anything you do, music related or not, will be appreciated. This is pretty much a marketer's dream playground, a place to pillage and plunder as the crowd are at their most vulnerable but receptive best.

Like promoting a new band from the same label/concert promoter, show music videos, screen movie trailers, play XFM, get someone to do standup, do a contest... anything. Anything is better than listening to a couple of 16 year olds rambling about Johnny Borrell and Kirsten Dunst.


David Goss & Phoebe Coulton said...

good gig?

Anonymous said...

it was ok. a bit boring. second time seeing them though so the sets are quite similar.

first time to earl's court. probably last. It's just way too big. At the outside after the gig it was just like after a football match.

Ray said...

Hi guys, we really like your work. Been looking at it for a while. We noticed that you've been at Karmarama. We are off there ourselves in June. What's it like? Any tips? What does a typical day look like there?
Nick + Ray

Best of luck with breaking in!

retiredmafia said...

email us: and we'll tell you more.

but it's a really good environment to work in. great guys there.

Anonymous said...

agh, Karmarama...

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