Thursday, June 12, 2008

My First Video

MATHS CLASS - 'NERVES' from ollie & brad on Vimeo.

Its for a forthcoming single called Nerves by a Brighton band called Maths Class.

I've put up some behind the scenes shots too for your enjoyment. let us know what you think.


Wal said...

ace, your product website is on a good way as well.

Adsareboring said...

Thanks buddy

Sorry i couldnt make the drinks i hope it went well.

Horatio said...

Excellent sparse use of colour. The shapes and holes are a cute nod to the band's name, since I guess that's how you first learn maths... only you've made it kinda creepy, somehow. I like how you've shmooshed the current low budget trends of plain background and homemade costumes into one video - like Metronomy's Trick or Treatz. Only, y'know, interesting.

tomas said...

y really like it! im from argentina. Y like the idea of the wall. great climate and colours. how funy the arms coming out from the wall. the guy clining at the end is a cliche.