Sunday, September 17, 2006

Of Music Videos

I read a few days ago that Universal Music is on the verge of filing a multi million lawsuit against Youtube and Myspace.

The reason? Broadcasting music videos online.

Universal Music said that they made the mistake of allowing MTV to broadcast music for free 20 years ago and MTV went on to create this phenomenal product based on something they got for free.

It just goes to show how out of touch the music industry is.

Napster shook them almost 10 years ago and since then they have been playing catch up and still are today. Music videos are unlikely to cause a simliar ripple effect but to restrict and ban the broadcast of music videos online is just another step in the same direction.

Wheter it is doing a synchronised dance on treadmills to frolicking on the beach or performing in a big room, slowly to be filled with erm... oil, Youtube has only helped raise the profile of bands and artistes (I for one have no idea who OK GO were).

Besides you can't even download the clips. You can only watch, admire and send it to your friends so they think you are pretty damn cool.

And your friends will watch them, think it's cool and send it off to their friends so that those friends will think your friends are pretty damn cool too.

In another world, another product, those marketing men will be having multiple orgasms.


PS Speaking of music videos, who watches MTV these days?

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