Tuesday, September 05, 2006

watch MORE tv

I've been watching football games via pirate internet broadcast for over a year now.

Using Peer-2-Peer, the streams are really getting better. Just last week and for the first time I watched one full game without any interruption or broken connection.

Now here's the interesting bit.

Other than football games, these P2P softwares are now broadcasting TV shows from Asia (largely China). They also now have dedicated movie channels showing films from a particular actor/actress, genres and etc. The movies are on repeat 24/7 and the softwares comes with a interactive program guide to tell you what's on.

Just yesterday when I tried to connect to watch the Da Vinci Code and just before the stream buffered to the broadcast, an ad appeared on screen! It's an anti-smoking ad in Chinese and right after that there's another ad by the makers of the software to contact them if you want to run ads.


PS I later realised that ads only appear before and after the movies and not in between.


Martin said...

where do you get the software from? what's it called? etc.?

Psuedo Jeff said...

It's here.

Brief Explanation. If you scroll down you can see the list of programs that are available. Like I said they are all windows based. Do a search on the program to see if there are mac versions available.

If you scroll further down you can see the matches that are available to watch live. Once you have installed the softwares, click on "PLAY" and the broadcast will begin automatically. Or you can select the channels manually from the software.

Again all these work only on PC.