Thursday, January 11, 2007


This year is going to be a year of doing rather than taking about doing. One such thing which i have been discussing for a while is a little project called SPEND A DAY WITH.
You see so many people everyday walking through your life. But what are they going. Who are they thinking of. Why are they running is it just because they are late? Whats with that awful tattoo.
The concept is simple. We hand out a number disposible cameras to people that interest us. They then document their day by taking shots of anything which interests them. The hope being that they may find beauty it something others may have ignored.

Our first subject is John a crane man working out in east London.

Check it all out here.



simon said...

cracking idea, lads.

David & Phoebe said...


ollie said...

Thanks alot guys. I have got to put up an mp3 version of the interview instead of all those words.
Be up next week i hope.

senan+graeme said...

not good, fucking good.