Friday, January 05, 2007

Another round of thanks

It's such bad timing. Just when we were thinking about revamping our blog to give it a better direction, we were told on Wednesday morning that our blog (along with several others) had been picked up by several other renowed blogs, largely but loosely discussing "Why don't creatives blog?".

It's a nice accolade and thanks to to Gemma from Kendall Tarrant, Simon from Here Be Monsters, Beeker, Scamp and many others...

I hope guys coming here to look at our blog for the first time aren't dissappointed. Like we mentioned in the previous post we are looking to do something new.

But if you're bored, take a look at our portfolio. It has ads, ideas, random things.

Leave a comment. Say something.


David & Phoebe said...

About time people noticed your blogging prowess. Your ads are'nt half bad too. What you upto at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Nice Post

david said...

nicey nicey thanks