Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here's to more Britney Spears

It has been a pretty good year.

We have received numerous messages and support from people who has stumbled upon our blog.

It has also helped us open some doors that had us meeting some great people, one of which is our current employers.

To which we thank all of you.

However we are getting bored now.

The very existence of the blog is to do something different. That is what we (try to) pride ourselves against. And we have seen enough people doing the same thing these days that makes us want to do something different.

Do not get us wrong. We did not invent this whole blog/potfolio showcase and this idea thing. Credit must be given to Martin and Theo, The Staufenberger Boys and personally, a certain creative team's book I saw at TBWA about 2 years ago.

Besides, over the last month we debated that we might have veered off course a bit. Posting irreverent images and texts that probably make no sense.

So here we are, back to basics and sticking to what's true of what we first set out to do.

We do not know what it will be yet. But we may have an idea.

Here's wishing everyone a great New Year ahead and may Paris and Britney continue to be friends forever.


PS As a personal side project, here something I've realised.


Stan Lee said...

We've had Paris overload here in Oz. She picked up a lazy million for plugging a new beer called Bondi Blonde.

Good on her I reckon.

As for the beer, any fool knows that no one outside of Sydney would be seen dead drinking a beer called Bondi Blonde.

Like I said, good on Paris for taking the cash.

Pseudo Jeff said...

seems like a pretty daft idea to get Paris to front a beer... Was it targetted at girls or blokes? would be good if you have copies of the ad.

Stan Lee said...

No ads as yet. Believe it or not she's not advertising the beer.

She was brought to Oz to pick a dizzy blonde, from a selection of dizzy blondes, to become the 'face' of bondi Blonde.

Here's a link to local coverage:,23599,21000258-421,00.html