Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life's too short

I desperately want the new Sony W950i phone.

Doesn't help that O2 refuses to give it to me for free.

Worse, my gf got it for free from Carphone Warehouse. She simply phoned up and blagged it.

So I went to ebay to browse and see if I can get a good deal.

And this auction I came across had me in stitches.

When I put up something up on ebay, I try to be as precise as possible. Sometimes it took me about 15mintues to research then write the description.

But this guy wrote about three lines and said, "Life is'nt long enough to list all the details and functions..."

How true.

I should make better use of my time.

1 comment:

freddie said...

so true. Just sold my old phone on ebay. Nokia 8800. THere's no point in listing the details... people are out there to look for the phone so they know what it does already.