Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There's light...

Coach journeys are horrible.

And I just feel that train companies are underselling their 'product' a bit.

Or it's probably complacency.

Train journeys are like flying.

Except it's far less restrictive, more comfortable and actually city-to-city, if you know what I mean.

If there are numerous award winning ads for airlines, I don't know why train companies can't achieve the same.

Especially in this country.

Maybe it's an aspirational issue.

Flying is, afterall, sexier than any other mode of transport.

But train beats coach anytime, anyday.


here be simon said...

What about the Saatchi/Tony Kaye rail ads, or even the Kylie eurostar one, actually, it was just the Kylie bit that was worth watching come to think of it

Rozza said...

flying? sexy? you have to be joking. flying is like a living hell. beset with delays, stressful cramped, hot, terrible food, no views , and incredibly polluting on top. Rail companies shouldn't want to be associated with flying at all. Plus they're too busy putting up their prices and spending their profits (instead of investing in rolling stock) to bother with expensive advertising! love the blog, BTW