Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The Internet is kicking off about this film. It doesn't yet have a title yet except the release date of 1-18-08. Some people think its called Cloverfield while others think it's a movie to preview the new season of Lost. All i know is that i'm obsessed with trying to find out about it.
I have never been dragged into a marketing campaign as deep as this due to my skecptical eye but I was hooked. I spend a good 40 mins trawling through fake blogs only to be spat out the other side, none the wiser.

Here are the links to the fake blogs that are setting up the story.

Eathan haas was right
Ethan haas was wrong


proxikid said...

Hey, i'm sorry i don't share your enthusiasm about this movie. However i got you some info on it.
The film is Untitled, it will be reliesed as 1-18-08, unless there'll be some last minute changes, which is possible as it's still half a year to the release date. Don't get too worked up on it, this is another monster story, 'surpiringly' monsters choose to attack NY out of asll places. The story is told from a point of view of a small group of people, hence the funny camera work (lovely job on it as well). Here's a list of fake titles:
1-18-08 USA (promotional title)
Clover USA (fake working title)
Cloverfield USA (fake working title)
Slusho USA (fake working title)

I personaly thought that the new Batman film had better promo.
Enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

http://www.1-18-08.com/ ok I just fig something out about this THE PICS FLIP OVER!!!! & some have words on the back LIKE

1. Dont forget who takes care of you!! Love J

2. Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love Jamie

BUT!!! wait a moment if the pics where taken the same night this went down how did they wirte on the backs of them...and if the the city was under attack how are you still going to write TAKE CARE & IM GONNA MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU...

and for the people that are slow the pic that Jamie signed dosen't have Jamie in the pic it has LASCANO,PLATT And ROBBIE...soo???

and both are signed with a J..... well Jamie & J and if J is Jamie the handwriteing is not the same SOOO who is J? hell for that matter who is Jamie??

ok ok so to get the pics to flip make sure the one you want to flip is on top and no other pic is on top of it....press and hold the left mouse button and shake the pic just little..

P.S. not all the pics have words on the back BUT this is as of
10:00am Sep. 13th 2007...as we all know the site keeps getting updates
THAT IS ALL myspace.com/crazyboy_cali