Friday, November 02, 2007

While the mice is away

Well Janson have been away for good few weeks now (getting his visa) and i'm begining to settle into being a single person team at DHM.
It's a little strange knowing that you can roll with your own ideas without having to run though them with somebody else.

I'm finding that it's helping to establish some more self belief in my ability as a creative. Rather than waiting for somebody to valadate if your right.

I've created a new self management idea filtering system and im calling it:
It's working quite well.

Dhm is good clean fun. Working on howies is great, plus it's helping me to hone some copy writing skills which you dont really pick up when your at Saint Martins.

Anyway...erm somthing to post...i havent really seen that much around thats has taken my fancy but maybe thats because i've been tryin to keep my head down with work un all.

I do quite like the new apple iphone ads from states this has to be my favourite.

They should have cut it half way to keep it the same length, made me smile though.

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