Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When Castles Fly

Last weekend was probably my last warm weekend of the year (I'm due back anytime now) and I decided to hit to beach.

Came across this stall that sells sandcastle building kits and shrewdly enough, they also conduct sandcastle building classes for free by the side. And there were some really obvious and interesting pointers that I would never have thought of. While other tips require a nifty pair of hands and a set of really good tools.

What struck me was a real genuine effort by the demonstrator (whom I realised later is also the boss of the company that sells these kits) to encourage parents to allow their kids to be creative. He said that local kids don't use their hands enough and almost pleaded with parents to allow them to use their hands more, whether it's arts and craft or building sandcastles.

He later added that sand is free. If they think that the kit is too expensive they can feel free to just come by every Saturday and let their children use the sample kits and tools that are strewn all over the beach.


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Anonymous said...

That really is very cool. But where the heck is it? There are a bazllion tankers out there!