Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here's Johnny

I went down to see Johnny Borrell perform for part of a Ben Sherman tour last week at the proud bar in Camden. Not the best gig ever as the girlfriend ended up passing out due to the heat!! I did manage to take a few shots though on Janson's wonderful pap cam, god I looked cool. The whole experience got me thinking about the results that brands hope to achieve through these sorts of gigs.

These are my main gripes:

1:Most of the people there were on the guest list with all the fans waiting outside, unable to get in due to the size of the venue. Some had been queuing since 4pm only to be told at 10:00pm that they couldn’t get in. Nice.

2: Johnny left as soon as he had finished which shows that he doesnt really care much for the cause.

3: Ben Sherman wasn't mentioned at all, not once.

The PR must have been good but i just feel for all the fans who queued, they would have been better off spending the night in the Hawley Arms across the street where Johnny went straight after the gig!

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