Friday, August 10, 2007

Those little things

I have probably fulfilled my ice-cream consumption intake for the year last weekend at the Ben and Jerry's Festival. I said this to myself this time last year and went on to buy more Ben and Jerry's when there's a 2 for £5 offer at my local supermart.

It was the same usual affair: Free ice-cream but this time they served them in cones (which I suspect is a cunning ploy to make you feel fuller so you ask for less ice-cream, but then again i saw many empty cones in the bins), great music on stage and the eco/green brigade was out in full force.

One funny thing I noticed this year was a RIP corner for ice-cream flavours that didn't quite made the cut over the years. I didn't know they had so many other flavours and some of them were quite unusual, to say the least.
Small little things like these that just adds a little bit more to a brand. Have a read at this well-written article from Richard Huntington about the Innocent Fete he went to last weekend. He's a planner. He says it better. Even his 'helter skelter ride' picture is better than mine.


Lisa Breslin said...

What a nice idea. I often think it's such a shame that new flavours tend to die, as it often takes a while for people to try them and grow to love them, but by that point it's too late. Could be a failure in the marketing or it could just be that the flavour isn't for everyone. But don't you just hate when they stop making something you love?

Freddie & Hollie said...
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Freddie & Hollie said...

Saw this too. Said exactly the same thing. Most brands, once a product has been withdrawn, briskly sweep the remains under the carpet and forget it ever existed. So to Lisa's point, i think they realized that a large number of people loved these flavours. (And so did they probably, or they wouldn't have made them) so they had to celebrate their life.
Having said that. My fav flavour is 'Oh my Apple Pie', but i haven't been able to find it for over a year now.

Also went to the Village fete... which I actually thought wasn't as good. Not for a 'day out' anyway. It was just too big. You didn't feel special being there. Not enough free stuff. And no Rumble Strips. They were great don't you think?

Pseudo Jeff said...

yes! rumble strips were great! and i must admit i was swooned over by kate nash.